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Mixing & Mastering

Do you require a Mix or a Master of your recording ? Send it online  , Our Engineer will mix  or master your music according to industry standards with unrivaled sonic detail,clarity and depth. Our turn around on mixing is anywhere from 5-10 days our mastering turn around is 2-4 days However all the work we do can take longer depending on revisions you may have .Once the mix or master is ready you will receive a 24 bit Wav file of your work .  One of the key features of our online services is constant communication with the clients. We understand that  Mixing and Mastering is the most important part of the  the music recording which makes us we spend  a great amount of time  making  sure you leave our studio satisfied. You will always receive free of charge test samples of  our work  so you can make the necessary revisions that best suit your projects needs.


Online Mixing Sessions 

Because we work with clients from around the world not everyone is able to attend the mastering mixing sessions .We provide online Skype or Google talk  sessions and give you the ability to  be present  during the mixing process from the comfort of your home or studio  that way you can give us additional information on how you would like the music mixed or mastered in realtime.    Clients are always welcome to  attend Mixing Mastering Sessions .


How to Prepare your music for us

Make sure your master fader  does not include any Compression or limiting, This often brickwalls  the sound   leaving no headroom for Dynamics and EQ . You can always add these effects on your individual tracks but don’t process the master fader.Bounce your premaster at  -4 Db to  -6Db 24 bit  Wav/Aiff   file only. Do not send MP3′s or any other compressed file . Leave some silence at the beginning and at the end of your  track. Its always good to send in stems or grouped tracks of your song  , This ensures a very detailed mastering process giving us the ability to listen and adjust individual sections of your song . Having a professional engineer  with another set of ears properly EQ and Mix your stems proves to be a very good  way to improve the quality of your sound recording. What you hear is not what others may hear  which makes mastering by an experienced  professional crucial in completing your project. Send your stem sections in 24 bit  Wav/Aiff  file format  according to the example below each section should be no louder then  -4 Db to  -6Db .

(Bass section,Percussion section ,Instruments section, Vocal Section)


Online Delivery

Once you are ready we will provide you with Login Details to an upload page where you can deliver your music  to us. for this we have our own dedicated servers which are Secure and Confidential.  For extra security We welcome Fed Ex or Priority Courier Delivery.


Provide us with some notes

Once you are ready to Mix or Master your project with us its always good to provide us with some notes regarding your music things you hear  and what you would like your recording to sound like.Some of our clients like their vocals in the front , others like it tucked away,maybe you want more bass in your music ,or you feel like that saxophone  needs to be brighter with a touch of reverb.  No matter what  you requirements are we will make  sure you are totaly happy with your  music .



Using the Right Equipment is  key in producing quality Mixing and Mastering services  we have a wide range of equipment available to us :


Portico Rupert Neve Design Mastering Compressor ,Millennia TCL-2 2 Channel Class A Vacuum Tube Opto-Compressor/Limiter -and- 2 Channel Class A Solid State Opto-Compressor/LimiterElysia Museq Analog EqualizerManley Massive Passive EQKush Audio Clariphonic Parallel EqualizerDangerous Bax EqualizerEuphonix Cs 2000 desk  for summing and Euphonix Dynamics for Stem Processing

TC Electronic M 6000TC, Electronic Massenburg, EQ Brainworx Digital V2Brainworx BXLFlux Epure M/S Equalizer ,Flux Solera Dynamic Processing Flux ,Alchemist Multiband Processing ,Fab Filter Pro-L Limiter,Ozone Elysia ,Slate DigitalSonnoxWaves

Engineers & Producers 

Our Engineers and Producers  are of world class accomplishments  who have worked with  Award winning artists producing profound  records  for over a decade.  Our Experience in the field  is the key element in providing you with the highest possible quality of service.




30 Euros Per track, Includes the delivery of  your master in  24 bit Wav / Aiff /AAC/ Mp3

Mastering  (Stems)

40 Euros Per track, Includes the delivery of  your master in 24 bit Wav / Aiff /AAC/ Mp3

Mixing  (Individual Tracks ) 

60 Euros Per track, Includes the delivery of  your master  in 24 bit Wav / Aiff /AAC/ Mp3



We Accept many  forms of Payments :   Bank Wire/ Paypal /Western Union/Money Order

Useful Information


Equalization (EQ) controls the volume of specific frequencies—such as bass and treble. There are many types of EQ, all of which control the volume of specific frequencies.


Compression automatically controls volume over time. A compressor decreases dynamic range by decreasing loud signals, increasinglower signals, or by doing both. (Audio compression shouldn’t be confused with data compression, which is used to reduce digital file sizes.)


Limiting is a fast-acting form of audio compression with a high ratio—it’s often used to attenuate peak levels of a signal that could otherwise result in distortion. By raising the total volume and limiting the peaks, the total dynamic range is compressed, increasing loudness. An extreme form of limiting is “brick wall limiting.”


Multi-band Compression is a combination of EQ and compression where a signal is divided into bands of frequencies which can then be isolated and compressed without affecting the other frequencies. For example, one can compress the bass without affecting the vocal.



Please contact  us to submit your tracks    for a free 30 second  preview of our work.



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