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Sad Moon by Wes & Paul Kwitek

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of music with Wes and Paul Kwitek's 'Sad Moon', a mesmerizing ambient piece that embodies the timeless beauty of the art form. The duo's exceptional talent and creativity are showcased in this ambient composition that is truly a work of art.

Unfortunately, the co-creator of this captivating piece, Wes Madiko, passed away in late 2021. However, before his untimely departure, he expressed his desire for the song to be released to the world. During the recording of 'Sad Moon', Wes had an otherworldly experience and connected with an African Bantu spirit who transmitted this song to him. This makes 'Sad Moon' not just a work of art, but also a profound and spiritual creation.

Upon completing the recording, Wes declared that this song could never be performed again due to its unmatched tonal qualities. The original, unprocessed, and unaltered recording is sung in the language of Wes's African ancestors, making it a truly unique and exceptional piece.

Rarely does a composition capture the essence of human emotions and spirituality as perfectly as 'Sad Moon' does. It is a masterpiece that is sure to endure the test of time, and Wes Madiko's legacy will live on through his exquisite creations like this one.

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