At Existence Studios we take  great pride in mastering music. We make sure your work is properly treated by using cutting edge  signal processing applications  that leave your music sounding  hot loud and crystal clear. Visit our Mix | Master Section for more details



Do you need to record some music ? have some ideas in your mind  and want to lay it down into musical notes? With over 15 years in music production and recording experience we have the instruments ,tools, and expertise to  help you with realising your projects idea to its fullest potential.



We provide  mixing services for your bed tracks and Stems. Whether a stereo or a Dolby 5.1 Surround mix. We welcome all mixing projects and take great care in  realizing your music’s vision .



Our Studio has a range of  recording services for vocalists who want to  record an album or a demo.  In addition over the years  we have built a solid   roster of world class vocal talent ranging  from Opera to Flamenco and everything in between .If  there is a specific idea or a sound you are after chances are we will know the vocal best suited for your work.If you have a vocal on the other hand we are able to produce and write music if needed to successfully complete your project.



The art of foley is a very carefully planned process for that we use our  whole facility by micing it in various places  to best marry a particular sound  with the picture keeping in mind its physical aspects. We have many objects and textures at our disposal for a wide range of sound design capabilities.


Sound Effects

Existence Studios offers a variety of  recording and sound design techniques  for any size project.Our Primary approach to sound design is traditional Microphone or  Synthesizer. Synthesis has been a very well received  application for  developing complex motion picture and tv spot Fx. Our Experienced Engineers can express your vision into a sound form no matter how complex it may sound.



This process takes place on the ADR stage, a specialized recording studio where the actor can record lines in sync with the picture.The Existence adr stage is a comfortable chillout lounge that allows the actor  total freedom of expression  for best sync with picture.


Music Editing  / Composition

Existence Studios  specialize in the following area’s

Music for film/TV , Score, Source , Songs ,Video Game, Mobile


Audio Format conversion

Analog to Digital conversion.

Digital  ( CD ) to Digital ( Aiff/Wav/mp3)

Vinyl / Tapes / VHS/ CD/   -



Audio Enhancement,